How to Spot Fake Twitter & Facebook Profiles

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Fake followers on social media are a problem and account for a large percentage of users on Facebook & Twitter. In this article we explain how to identify fake profiles on Twitter & Facebook.

How to Make your Website Load Faster!

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If you test your landing pages you may well find that you are throwing away good money after bad because your pages simply don’t load fast enough. Not only are you losing out from the cost of the click but also the loss of potential customers. In this article we help you quickly speed up your webpages.

Did you see the Pink Kittens Campaign?

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You miss more than you think glancing at your mobile phone… The directors behind the video for Pharrell Williams’s hit song ‘Happy’ have teamed up with THINK! to highlight the dangers of using your mobile phone whilst driving. Play the full edit version below, shot in the very familiar surroundings of trendy Old Street, London. Music:… Read more »

How to Effectively Build Brand Awareness

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Developing brand awareness is a key function, and objective, of all businesses, yet in its ubiquitousness, is often criminally overlooked. In order to make sales, deliver services and drive equity, customers need to be aware of your business. Subsequently, it should equate that the more effort you put into developing the cognisance of your brand, and… Read more »

Think With Google – Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

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Are you ready to Think With Google? Google recently updated us on their new page speed and mobile friendly testing tool found within Think with Google. For our latest article this month we introduce the mobile performance tool & explain why having a mobile optimised website is the only way forward. We also give some… Read more »